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Out of darkness and chaos come gentle blue skies

I Want To

I Want To
Reach Out.

How Janine Can
Help You

Janine is a born communicator, engaging speaker and active listener. She also walks her talk.

Each full moon, Janine creates a safe space  for unhoused people, in a parking lot in Kenora. They spend the night talking, sharing, and enjoying a respite from the threats of violence that come from wandering dark hostile streets.

Any remuneration Janine receives from speaking engagements, seminars or workshops,  other than costs of transportation and accommodation, goes directly into supporting initiatives that benefit people living without permanent shelter.

Because of her varied background, Janine is qualified to speak, lead workshops and facilitate seminars on any number of issues, some of which are:

Challenges faced by Indigenous communities Marginalization and how to reverse it Intercultural communication New economies Indigenous-based economic and environmental sustainability The importance of the North: economic and psycho-spiritual perspectives Systematic change: governance and community engagement in decision making Women and children: culture shifts.


Janine prefers to be remunerated on a sliding scale, including gifts of services and materials appropriate to her engagement with unhoused people.

The Circle

Join me at The Circle where I share Insights, Stories, and Ideas important to me.

People deserve better and with support, this doesn’t have to be their lot assigned in life. I believe in helping my community.

Working With You

I’ve accomplished things that my sixteen-year-old, high-school dropout self would never have believed possible.

While I struggled with identity issues and finding my place of belonging, it was my community who saw my untapped potential. It was only with the love and support of my community that I got through the barriers and challenges to obtain my high school diploma. From there, I excelled in academia and obtained three degrees, and was then called to the bar in both Manitoba and Ontario.

Working with you and working together is an honour and privilege that I do not take lightly. Discovering one’s potential and finding ways to put ideas into action is where my strengths are. 

Together, there is no limit to what we may do!

Let Us Make History! Together!