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A Little Bit
About Me

Working With You To Make A Difference

Before owning my own law firm, I was once a 16 year old high school dropout. The only jobs I could get was cleaning toilets. It was a lot of work. To make rent, at nights I would have to fold towels at Zellers. This was on top on my physically demanding day job. When I hit 18, I waitressed and went back to finish my high school. I often tell people that my high school diploma is the hardest degree I achieved. The challenges of living independently at a young age, with a lack of financial resources, is an environment that does not equip someone with opportunities to change their socio-economical lot in life. Yet I did.

I did it only with help and support, but more importantly the love from my community, my community of people. I lived with many friends and families who took me in. If I didn’t have friends who had parents who have homes, or apartments, I don’t know how far I would’ve gotten trying to be on my own at age sixteen.

I earned – through hard work – to ability to enter this field and be a candidate for a National Party, the New Democrats. I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Winnipeg, where I learned about Residential School for the first time. By learning the “history”, I came to understand contemporary effects, including how I was impacted, which led me to make the determination to be on my own at 16. A law degree affords me much privilege, that I am keenly aware of. It is with this knowledge, that I have an adult life that provides well for me and my family. I am also well aware that many do not have this privilege and luxury. I live in gratitude, and I promise that I will never cease being thankful

Miigwetch (with love and respect),


What do I bring? I bring me. Wholly and completely. In everything I have accomplished I have succeeded.

And Involvement

Change Is Diversity