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THE CIRCLE: Tantrums to tangible

What an exciting time we live in!

The pandemic gave opportunity for people to drop the masks (figuratively of course), temporarily put things down that we’ve tied to our identity and be given the freedom (as well as space) to seek out what’s important to us, who we truly are at our core. This requires self-reflection and introspective work.

And this really has been work. We’re nearing pandemic year three and there is an explosion happening inside all of us. We’ve been tested, and pushed, and some of us have even broke, multiple times over.

Parliament Hill gathers many people across Canada with seemingly mixed messages. I think at the core it started as a solidarity movement, designed to protest national pandemic mandates. But I’m not sure. I haven’t followed the movement aside from secondary views on social media feed. And what is coming out isn’t what most of us subscribe to. If I need to be specific, the people who are taking this moment in time to display symbols of hate.

While I won’t give that space on my column, there is clearly a collective of people – Canadians – imploding on Parliament Hill with pandemic stress. And trauma. It is happening before our eyes and is very real. I see the pain that is coming from everywhere; those being re-hurt and triggered with the images being shown, and those reaching their pandemic limits, believing they are therefore justified in holding said beliefs.

So how do we move past this? We don’t. In my personal experience, we cannot wash away trauma. We also can’t close our eyes to what we are seeing: a complete and utter breakdown. I hate to break it to you but holding out for some external force or Being is not on the horizon. We have to save ourselves, yet together. The change is within each and every one of us right now. Do the reflection, put in the work, and we’ll sit down and talk. Until then, stay safe, both virtually and in this real world. 

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About The Author

Janine Seymour is an Anishinaabekwe organizer and lawyer practicing in Kenora.